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I don’t like seeing Andy Dwyer sad. Hang in there, buddy

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there are just some things you can’t accept your favorite character doing in fanfics 

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Shout out to IMDb for always reminding me where I recognise that actor from

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I turned on my fanfiction reader app after not using it while on holiday and all the stories I had saved, for reading later on or just wanted to keep, are gone. All of them. It’s probably stupid because I know, worse things happen but…this makes me want to cry. It really does.

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That’s it! This was the last time I went with my parents on holiday! I always end up regretting it and I’m sticking to my decision this time
…Unless they plan to go on winter break, because I’ll go through anything if it means I can go skiing

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I get it. You’re self-concious. I understand, but you have no reason to be. All I was gonna say is don’t suck in your stomach so much. It makes you look nervous and, frankly, a little constipated.

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It actually says, “how did it feel seeing somebody else taking the role of young Xavier?”

Time to blacklist Guardians of the Galaxy, I guess. Cuz I don’t want no spoilers!

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